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I design, create and hang art works for offices, hotels, restaurants and public spaces.

I know what colours should go where. Blue for calmness, Red for conversation, Yellow for concentration etc etc

I also know the size the painting should be for the space

I also create totally original painting JUST FOR YOU!!

Caroline hulse professional artist
Paintings in an office 'Break Out Space'.
Specifically created to 'brighten up' and inspire
relaxing time
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In this instance

The client had a really long entrance way to their offices.. The client wanted the space to seem less 'lonely' and 'sparse'

Obviously a lovely welcoming RED painting was required. The painting 'drew' you in. Any other colour would not have diminished the space.

Then the client wanted an art work which showed that the space was previously an old fruit store.

So I created a Tryptic based on fruit trees. Cleverly I broke up the image with a window pane effect = which diminished the space again and brought the 'outside in'!.

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A Large painting and a tryptic print in large offices


Employees appreciate art in their work space. Research has shown it makes them feel 'appreciated'.

Art works also reduce heart rate, provide a talking point and a break from work.

If you want original art works email me or telephone 0118 9483155

Caroline hulse professional artist
A Humorous painting in a 'Break Out Area'